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In the ever-evolving journey of dementia care, “Proactive Perspective In Dementia Care” emerges as a pivotal guide that challenges and transforms traditional care methodologies. This book illuminates the significance of innovative care approaches, emphasizing the important role of curiosity, empathy, and lifelong learning. 

Being friends with someone living with dementia is about more than care. It’s about connection, patience, and nurturing a sense of safety and support. This book guides you through the joys and challenges of such relationships, emphasizing the profound meaning and fulfillment derived from this companionship. It shares heartwarming stories like Debbie Binkley’s, whose journey with her husband at Mary Anne’s Veranda exemplifies the book’s core message of love, understanding, and community.


“When I first chose The Veranda’s name from a listing in a reference book for senior

services, little did I know the extent to which that decision would change our lives.

My husband is living with Primary Progressive Aphasia/ Frontotemporal Dementia, a

disease that affects the use of language as well as personality, judgment, and social

comportment. The effects of the disease had caused both of us to become socially

isolated and marginalized. But from the first day we walked through the doors of Mary Anne’s Veranda, the clouds of isolation began to lift, and a new community of love and acceptance emerged. My husband found joy, and I found respite and hope. Since that day, almost every decision about my husband’s care has been made with Mary Anne’s compassionate and expert guidance. Even now, when he can no longer attend the respite program, Mary Anne remains an essential part of our lives and an invaluable resource for information and comfort. She is truly living out her God-given mission to lift up and give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves and the families who care for them.”


Now, through ‘Proactive Perspective In Dementia Care,’ you have the unique opportunity to learn from a Dementia Doula who has made a significant impact at The Veranda. This book is not just a collection of strategies and insights, it’s a testament to the power of community, understanding, and expert care in transforming the lives of those living with dementia and their families


“Discovering Value in Dementia” section expands on the inherent worth of individuals living with dementia, advocating for a relationship that transcends traditional caregiving. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing each person’s unique life story, wisdom, and character, reinforcing the idea that care is not just about symptom management but about celebrating the individual and nurturing their spirit.


“Proactive Perspective In Dementia Care” goes beyond theory to provide practical tools and resources, such as the Sensory Sensitivity Check, designed to deepen your understanding and approach to dementia care. This tool helps you assess and adapt to the unique sensory needs of individuals living with dementia, whether they require a calming environment to avoid sensory overload or seek sensory-rich experiences for stimulation. By identifying these preferences, care partners can create more effective, personalized care strategies that enhance comfort and engagement.

“Proactive Perspective In Dementia Care” is based on the concept of the Pillars of Personhood, a framework that underscores the multifaceted nature of individuals living with dementia. This approach emphasizes the importance of recognizing and respecting each person’s unique characteristics across various dimensions:

  • Psychological Pillar: Encompasses a wide array of emotions and traits, from being blissful and compassionate to sociable and harmonious, acknowledging the rich psychological landscape of individuals.
  • Spiritual Pillar: Reflects the spiritual dimensions of a person, highlighting attributes such as being appreciative, devout, and contemplative, which contribute to their sense of peace and purpose.
  • Relational Pillar: Addresses the dynamics of personal relationships, family characteristics, societal roles, and values, illustrating how these factors shape the individual’s identity and interactions.
  • Physical Pillar: Recognizes the physical attributes and abilities, including strength, beauty, athleticism, and grace, which are essential aspects of personhood.
  • Emotional Pillar: Captures the emotional essence, from being affectionate and humorous to passionate, emphasizing the importance of emotional expression and connection.
  • Cognitive Pillar: Focuses on cognitive capabilities, including creativity, problem-solving skills, logical reasoning, and self-awareness, highlighting the intellectual dimensions of an individual.

“Proactive Perspective In Dementia Care” advocates for a comprehensive approach to dementia care that respects and nurtures the whole person. This insight not only enriches the care experience but also fosters a deeper connection between care partners and individuals living with dementia, ensuring that every aspect of their being is acknowledged and valued.