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Founder/Executive Director of Veranda Ministries

Speaker Bio

With more than two decades of dedicated experience, Mary Anne is on a mission to transform the landscape of dementia care. Her journey began as a family practice nurse, allowing her to witness the growing wave of dementia in our aging population, the “tsunami of dementia.” This early exposure ignited her belief in the power of relationship-based care and holistic approaches to support individuals in various states of dementia. Mary Anne holds a triple certification as a PAC trainer, consultant, and coach in Teepa Snow’s “Positive Approach to Care” (PAC). She’s also a certified dementia practitioner and has earned certifications in Alzheimer’s care from both the Alzheimer’s Association and the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

As the host of the highly acclaimed podcast, “Aging Angst and Alleluias,” Mary Anne provides invaluable support, education, and encouragement to care partners navigating the intricate journey of dementia care. Throughout the series, she shares her extensive experience, practical tips, and strategies, often featuring insightful interviews with experts in the field. This podcast serves as a vital resource for care partners, promoting a compassionate and understanding approach to dementia care. Mary Anne’s dedication to the field extends beyond her podcast. She actively contributes to dementia care and advocacy, serving as a member of the Gallatin Mayor’s Senior Council. Furthermore, she holds the role of vice president of legislative affairs for the Tennessee Association of Adult Day Services (TAADS) and is a valued member of the Adult Day Services Advisory Committee for the Tennessee Department of Human Services.

A strong advocate for compassionate dementia care, Mary Anne has been at the forefront of fighting for legislative changes that improve the lives of individuals facing dementia. Her work is grounded in faith-based principles and a deep commitment to compassionate care. Mary Anne is deeply involved with Veranda Ministries, an organization she co-founded, which is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals living with dementia. As a faith-based respite setting, Veranda Ministries offers a holistic and compassionate approach to dementia care, providing a nurturing environment for both individuals with dementia and their care partners.

Mary Anne is a published author of the book “Remember For Me: Life Lessons from Those Living with Dementia.” This insightful book delves into the profound wisdom and experiences shared by individuals living with dementia, offering a unique perspective on their journey. Through heartfelt narratives and practical insights, “Remember For Me” serves as a powerful testament to the strength, resilience, and humanity of those facing dementia.

Mary Anne eagerly anticipates the opportunity to collaborate with you or your group, sharing her insights, expertise, and unwavering passion for a more compassionate and holistic approach to dementia care.

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Mary Anne Oglesby-Sutherly
Veranda Ministries